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    4WD Performance Products

    High Performance Products like Headers and Performance Exhaust Systems from Castle Headers, Replacement Gear Reduction Starters by Hi-Torque.

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    Camping Accessories

    Camping accessories like Battery accessories Chargers, Power Inverters, Portable Generators and more.

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    4WD Performance Exhaust

    CAE Performance Products provide a range of performance Exhaust Systems, Stainless Mufflers, Hi Flow Cat Converters
    and headers by Castle Headers to suit 4WD vehicles.

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    4WD Turbo Performance

    4WD Performance Accessories that enhanse your vehicles economy and performance from Turbo Timers and Chips by
    Bogard and Tunit.

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    L.E.D. Light Assessories

    CAE Performance Products supply a wide range of LED lighting like Light Bars, Driving Lights, combination lights,
    interior lights clearance and much more.

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4WD Performance Parts

° Hi-Torque Gear Reduction Starters
° Castle Headers Performance Headers
° Castle Headers Performance Exhaust Systems
° Tunit Turbo Performance Chips
° Bogaard Turbo Timers
° 4WD Engine Conversions

4WD Performance Accessories

° Battery Accessories
° Battery Chargers
° Power Inverters
° Solar Panels
° Portable Generators
° Remote Voltage Indicators
° Tyre Compressors


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